The Indo-Mongolian Society Lecture Papers

The Indo-Mongolian Society was founded in 1990 in New York City. It is the aim of the Indo-Mongolian Society to introduce to the general public the rich history of Mongolia, Central Asia, the Mongol peoples as well as related cultures. Since the name of  Chingiss Khan (Genghis Khan) and the Mongols has evolved into legend mixed with fact and fancy, there has been little chance for the lay person to learn about the research findings of modern day scholars in the field of Mongol and Central Asian Studies.

The scholars themselves work in relative obscurity with precious little interaction with the general public. Since many scholars are highly specialized and their work too technical for the general public, it has been a challenge to find the middle ground for our lecture series.

The Indo-Mongolian Society has met this challenge by finding speakers who include, historians, travellers, archeologists, and others who have helped illuminate the interaction of the Mongol peoples with many sedentary cultures as well as lecturers who have addressed contemporary Mongolian and Central Asian history topics. Our speakers and lecture titles have included some of the following.

* Prof. Robert D. McChesney, "The Mongol Legacy in Central and South Asia"

* Prof. Sh. Bira, "The Historical Relationship of India and Mongolia"

* Dr. Mark Norrel, "Paleontologist's Discoveries in Mongolia"

* Prof. John Masson Smith Jr., "Mongol Armies and Indian Campaigns"

* Prof. Charles Melville, "The Impact of the Mongol Invasions on Iran, Iraq, & Central Asia: A Reevaluation"

* Prof. Beatrice Forbes Manz, "The Mongol Empire and the Ulus Chaghatay in Timurid Imagination"

* Prof. Morris Rossabi, "Khubilai Khan, His Life and Times"

* Prof. Andre Wink, "India and the Turko-Mongol Frontier"

* Sally Hovey Wriggins "Xuanzang on the Silk Road"

* Dr. Paula L.W. Sabloff "Genghis Khan, Father of Mongolian Democracy"

* Prof. Robert D. McChesney "The Legacy of Chinggis Khan in Law and Politics"